Making Message Center Work for You!

One of the least known, but most efficient methods of getting information from the corporate office is the Message Center in your Back Office. This handy tool sends a brief free message anytime a special event happens in your account, such as:

  • When a new blog message has been posted
  • When you cycle and earn a commission
  • When there’s a problem with your payment information
  • When a customer or affiliate joins your organization
  • When one of your personals has been or is about to be downgraded
  • When a video email you sent has been viewed

These vital notifications can help you stay on top of everything going on in your organization.

We have now made it easier to take advantage of this powerful tool. Up to this point, the only way to see these notifications is to click on the Message Center option in your Back Office and see the messages that have been generated.

Recently, we have automatically placed your existing email address in the “Autoforwarding” section of the Message Center. This means any and all Message Center notifications will now be emailed direct to your inbox to help you stay on top of your business.

To control what messages you receive, simply select the “Message Center” command in your Back office and click on the “Autoforwarding Settings” button at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can enter a new email address, remove your address altogether, or have the system send notifications to your mobile device. (Please see the “text email addresses” link to see how this is to be done with YOUR cell phone provider.)

This change will only affect those who haven’t previously had an email address listed. There’s no better way to stay in control of your business than Message Center. Give it a try today!


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