Introducing: A New Affiliate Welcome Broadcast!

iWowWe Hours

New Affiliate Orientation

The questions asked by every new affiliate are:

  • Where do I get information from iWowWe?
  • What are my most effective first steps?
  • How do I get started FAST?

To help, we are conducting a New Affiliate orientation every week to help get you started and started right. Our first broadcasts will be in English with a Russian Translator but this may change as other markets grow.

To get your new team members going, make sure they join us on the next Tuesday. While we will be changing the content a bit over time to help it become more effective, we will be doing the same presentation each week to help the new Affiliate be as effective as possible.

Joining the broadcast is easy. Just go to:

Every Tuesday
11:30 am CT – U.S.
8:30 pm – Moscow Time

Times may change to accommodate different needs, but please be sure to have all your new affiliates join us on this very informative … and vital information! There will be no better way to get started!

To see a recording of the April 23rd New Affiliate webinar held in English and Russian, click here.
To see a recording of the April 16th New Affiliate webinar held in English, click here.


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