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  • iWowWe Update

    iWowWe Update

    School is back and summer is coming to an end. We hope you have enjoyed summer as much as us! With everyone getting back to their regular routine, now is the perfect time to make your business explode! Watch this video as Patrick goes over some of the reasons why right now is the best time to be an iWowWe Affiliate!

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  • iWowWe Maintenance

    iWowWe Maintenance

    iWowWe will be undergoing some maintenance at 4:00 pm CST and service will be temporarily shut down. This maintenance should take no more than 15 minutes. Please plan accordingly and we apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause.

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  • Holiday Hours

    Corporate Office Closed for Labor Day

    Here’s a reminder that Monday, September 1st is Labor Day, a national holiday in the United States. Please be aware that the iWowWe corporate office, including our Customer Support department, will be closed the entire day allowing our employees to spend the holiday with their families. Normal operations will resume the following day at the regular hours.

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  • iWowWe is Flushing Inactive Accounts

    iWowWe is Flushing Inactive Accounts

    iWowWe will be flushing both points and shares from all inactive accounts on Sunday August 31st and midnight CST. If you or someone you know is inactive make sure they reactivate then to avoid losing the rewards from any of there efforts. With our incredible suite of tools, lucrative compensation plan and flawless mobile app, there has never been a better time to reactivate with iWowWe. We also want to encourage everyone to check their accounts and make sure they […]

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  • Anti-Spam Measures

    Anti-Spam Measures

    Anti-spamming measures – To make Vmail safe for all our users we are implementing measures to reduce send limits for those that are abusing vmail and AutoResponder. We look at number of vmails sent and the bouncebacks and if these exceed our thresh-holds you will be put into a group that has lower limits and the Auto-Responder product will be disabled. Another violation will lower you yet again.

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  • 7 Week International Director Silver Promotion

    7 Week International Director Silver Promotion

    iWowWe want to help wrap up summer with a bang! That’s why we have started the 7 Week I.D. Silver Promotion. From August 11th to September 28th, every week that you achieve or maintain the rank of International Director Silver, iWowWe will reward you with 1,000 shares! But that’s not all. iWowWe will also give you a $100 bonus! That is on top of the regular commissions you already earn! This is a 7 week promotion so you can earn […]

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