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  • iWowWe Video Suite

    iWowWe Video Suite

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  • Lead Capture Dashboards Released!

    Lead Capture Dashboards Released!

    The new lead capture dashboards are now in the back office of Professional Package owners! These dashboards will give you an easy way to keep track off your lead capture pages to make the most our of your efforts. What do they mean and how can you use them? Watch this video for a complete tutorial. Lead Capture Dashboard Tutorial from iWowWe on Vimeo.

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  • Lead Capture Dashboard Preview

    Lead Capture Dashboard Preview

    Patrick sits down with iWowWe’s Business Analyst, James Kaye, to discuss the new lead capture dashboards that will be released soon. These will help you keep track of your business like never before. Get the most out of your efforts!

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  • New Product Strategy Announced

    New Product Strategy Announced

    At the Eagle Leadership Summit, we unveiled the details of a new product strategy giving an easier way to start enjoying the iWowWe product suite. We are separating the one-time $195 fee from the enrollment of a Premium Package and increasing the price to $249. This allows customers and affiliates more flexibility in the products they can start using. Starting Thursday, October 24, 2013, a new customer or affiliate will be able to purchase just the iWowWe “Essentials” package and […]

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  • Broadcaster App Now in Google Play Store!

    Broadcaster App Now in Google Play Store!

    That’s right … iWowWe’s new Broadcaster Audience Member (BAM) application is now officially available for the world to download for any Android device running 4.0 or higher! As you’ve probably already heard, the BAM app allows anyone to participate as an audience member of any iWowWe broadcast (so no, you don’t have to be an affiliate or customer of iWowWe to join in). The main screen of the app shows you both video screens being shown during any broadcast along […]

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  • Be Careful with Your Password

    Be Careful with Your Password

    The Password on your iWowWe account is the most important safeguard you have against someone breaking into your back office. This post gives you some interesting pointers on how to create an effective password to keep the bad guys out!

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